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Ube Material Industries, Ltd., a member of the Ube Industries Group, is a leading manufacturer of quicklime and other calcia related products derived from limestone which is abundant raw material in Japan. Also, we are the sole manufacture of magnesia clinker in Japan applied for refractories, made from magnesium raw material taken from seawater. Moreover, Ube Material leverages proprietary technology to develop ultra-pure and ultra-fine products based on calcia and magnesia. We have established a position as a leading global supplier of specialty materials for some of the most highly advanced electronics and optical applications. Our products take advantage of two major strengths, capitalizing on domestic supplies of raw materials and demand from a broad range of sectors. Both magnesium and calcium offer outstanding potential, particularly in the electronics and optical sectors, and for use in food and environmental applications. Ube Material will continue to actively engage in R&D aimed at leveraging the unique properties of our products, in order to drive further growth and change. It is my belief that corporations should endeavor to maximize corporate value while achieving sustainable growth. Accordingly, Ube Material will strive to expand its corporate governance and practice strict compliance, and raise the satisfaction of all stakeholders beginning with our customers and employees. We will also build a vibrant and healthy company that is brimming with energy and vitality. In addition, we will endeavor to ensure that Ube Material fulfils its social responsibilities as a corporation, through a management approach that emphasizes meeting the needs of our shareholders. "Energy" and "cheer", backed by "perseverance" and "motivation" these are the qualities that will drive Ube Material forward, with your support.

Ube Material Industries, Ltd.

Address: 8-1 Aioi-Chou, Ube-City, Yamaguchi Postal Code: 755-0043 Website: www.ubematerial.com

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